1. The use of the approved helmet is mandatory;

2. The cyclists of both sexes who have reached the age of 17 by the date of the competition are admitted to the category of AGONISTS, provided with a FCI card or Sports Promotion Body recognized by CONI, with a card valid for 2016. withdrawal of the race pack;

3. Athletes with a medical certificate of non-competitive sports suitability are admitted to the EXCURSION category. Minimum age 18 years;
4. Each participant can check the online registration , in case of corrections please contact the organization;
5. The organization will provide participants with the starting number to be positioned in a way that is constantly visible;
6. The passage to be made at the entrance of each starting grid is mandatory: the competitors who have not completed it will be disqualified;
7. Control points along the way must have passed regularly;
8. Any complaints are admitted within 30 minutes following the arrival of the competitor, in writing and depositing the fee of € 50.00 at the direction of the competition. In case of acceptance the sum will be returned;
In the VIP grid near the starting line, athletes belonging to the following categories will be admitted: Elite, Under 23, Open Women and VIP guests;
In the grid of honor (placed next to the Vip grid) will be able to access the first 50 classified in the 2015 edition and the members of the “Trentino Mountain Bike” circuit. For subsequent grids, the date of arrival of the registration will be taken into account;
The last grid will be reserved for the category of non-members;


  • Junior M;
  • Open M (Elite – Under 23);
  • Open F (Elite – Junior – Under 23 Master W);
  • MT – Élite – Sport (19/29 years);
  • M1 – Male – (30/34 years);
  • M2 – Male – (35/39 years);
  • M3 – Male – (40/44 years);
  • M4 – Male – (45/49 years);
  • M5 – Male – (50/54 years);
  • M6 – Male – (55 years and over);

11. The Organizing Committee rejects any responsibility for accidents, snags and damages of any kind, occurring to participants and third parties before, during and after the event;

12. The organization has the right to change the route at any time;

13. The event will take place in all weather conditions;

14. MAXIMUM TIME: 4.00 hours. When an athlete exceeds the maximum time, the latter will be stopped and disqualified. The athlete can continue the race without the race number (bib number) and at his own risk;
15. A maximum number of 1,500 participants is established;
16. For all indications not expressed in this regulation, the rules of the “international regulation of the FCI and of the UCI are valid